Removing Mildew from a House without a Pressure Washer

Mildew is a common problem on houses and other surfaces.  Everyone knows that removing it is just a matter of applying bleach.  However, when the mildew is out of the range of a pump up sprayer, how do you get to it.  There is a simple way to do this that does not require a pressure washer.  Here is how.

First, purchase the following items.  An inline syphon mixer, a garden hose spray wand and a bottle of outdoor bleach. The sprayers and inline syphons are available in the store below and the bleach can be purchased anywhere.  The sprayers are also available at Lowes and Home Depot also but I have only seen the inline syphon on amazon.

Once you have your supplies you will attach the syphon mixer on to your faucet, put the tube into a bottle of outdoor type bleach, attach the garden hose and then the spray wand.  A spray wand that sprays a long distance is best.  I use one that extends to about 8 feet. When you turn on the faucet the bleach will be pulled from the container and mixed with the water that is being sprayed out the wand.  If you have a good spray wand you can hit the eaves of a two story house with no problem. It may take a couple of sprayings but all the mildew will come off.  I normally spray, wait about 15 minutes and repeat.

Tip – if there is a wire coil in the end of the rubber hose that goes into the bleach bottle you should remove it as the bleach will dissolve it fairly quickly.

When you are done applying the bleach mixture just remove the tube from the bleach and either stick in a container or water or cap the end of the tube.  This will keep air from being injected into the water.  Then just rinse off the house and you are done.