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Simply put, Pressure Washing, is cleaning through the application of high pressure water onto a surface.  The high pressure spray is produced by specially designed pumps which create a spray that is often one hundred times more powerful than the pressure you would get from a garden hose. The variety of items you can clean with high pressure water is limitless.  On concrete pressure washers are used to remove stains, mold, dirt, oil, grease, old paint and even bubble gum.  Wooden decks can be returned to brand new condition and ready for sealer. House washing vastly improves the appearance of siding, stucco and brick by removing pollution, mildew, and grime.

The pressure washing business is very lucrative with compensation ranging between $40 – $60 per hour  In fact, many companies make upwards of $80 – $100 per hour with compensation varying from region to region.  What  you ultimately make will depend on demand and competition in your area.  To see if the power washing business is right for you I recommend you analyze these two factors in your area.  Find out what the going rate is for pressure washing and count how many companies are servicing your area.

Because your profit margins are so high it is impossible to actually go out of business, however, how much you make depends on demand, competion and how much you put into marketing.  If you feel this is the business for you then simply form a business, purchase your equipment and start marketing your service.  This site will help you with these steps via the articles on the right.  Thanks for visiting our site and good luck with your endeavors.

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Guide to Starting a Pressure Washing Business